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Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations

sustainable development goals

The United Nations
Sustainable Development Goals

Craste has positioned itself to realise the vision of attaining Goal 8, Goal 11, Goal 12, Goal 13, Goal 14 and Goal 15. 

According to a WHO report, Delhi, Gwalior, Ludhiana and Allahbad fall into one of the most polluted cities in the world.

Stubble management is the need of the hour in India as crop burning is one of the dominant factors for air-pollution. At Craste, we purchase the crop waste which would have created air pollution on burning. Thus, additional revenue stream, is generated for the farmer. Our novel process of making pulp requires less water and is less toxic than the alternative pulping process. Substituting single use plastic packaging with Craste’s sustainable packaging will reduce Water Pollution. 30Kg of CO2 combustion in the environment is prevented by buying one of our 4×8 ft Particle Board. Since, our technology enables us to not cut trees for furniture and packaging solutions, deforestation is curbed.

Technological innovation developed by Craste has provided farmers with diversified economic growth in the form of additional revenue streams and increased soil productivity.

Our products are not only a sustainable alternative to the existing polluting packaging solutions, but also lead the market with unmatchable quality standards.

Our model of value addition to crop waste allows us to provide farmers with an economic incentive to not burn crop residue and prevent severe air pollution.

Effluent discharge and plastics are major contributors to water pollution. Our products serve as an ideal alternative to these issues.

With our innovative technology, we have been successful in replacing formaldehyde based adhesive with an alternative which reduces the toxicity of our particle boards significantly.

Employing the circular economy model, our solutions are made from waste. This will result in reduced deforestation and increased biodiversity conservation on land.


Craste has partnered with Canopy to save the world’s endangered forests. We are committed to playing a leadership role in scaling pulping technology and capacity for next generation solutions production for paper and packaging, that utilizes an innovative process to pulp agricultural residues that in turn helps protect Ancient and Endangered Forests.